About Us

Appalachian Investments was founded in 2020 by Kyle Argeny and Jacob Baldensperger. These two men had a lifelong friendship that they turned into a business relationship as well. With their dedication and drive these two have accomplished what some can only dream of doing in just 2.5 years. They share the same goals and ambitions which makes them excellent business partners. 

Jacob was born and raised in Warren. He attended Edinboro University and now works in the power industry. He resides in Erie with his wife Kaylie and 4 dogs. 

Kyle was also born and raised in Warren and currently works in the energy industry. He resides in Erie with his Wife, Kayla, 3 kids and their family dog.  He attended the University of Pitt Bradford where he obtained his degree in petroleum technology and graduated in 2015.

They pride themselves on their Integrity, Determination and trustworthiness. These two gentlemen are family oriented and understanding and look forward to bringing you the best services in the industry.