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Storing Your Dearly Departed’s Stuff

Admin | July 22, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Death is a difficult time for any family and while dealing with everything from the funeral to catering you still have to decide what to do with your loved ones belongings. Instead of trying to figure everything all out at once an easy solution is to store the dearly departed’s stuff with Storage Outlet. As a premier storage company in California you can relax knowing that your loved ones stuff is safe until you have time to sort through it. We make your storing process hassle free so you can come in and get the storage unit you need. We have 10 facilities in the Southern California area. Los Angeles; Bellflower, Gardena, South El Monte, & South Gate. Orange County; Fullerton & Huntington Beach Inland Empire; Chino & Pomona San Diego County; Chula Vista & Escondido

Storage Tips:

  1. 1. Find a Storage Outlet near you call ahead and reserve a unit,  Storage Outlet customer service representatives can help you determine the size of the storage unit you are going to need.
  2. Make sure you get all your supplies; storage boxes, tape, permanent markers, gloves, and garbage bags, and some time to get things organized.
  3. Make 3 piles/boxes with maybe a 4th pile; “keep” “trash” donate” “sell” (labeling your storage boxes will make it easier for you to keep things organized.
  4. Bring along close friends or family to support you and help you finish the storage packing. Packing an entire house for storing yourself is a daunting task and shouldn’t be something you do alone. If you don’t have anyone that lives in the area or can help hiring a moving team would be a great next option.
  5. Take all documents and set them aside, bringing these home may not be an option but you do not want to store documents only to find yourself digging through boxes a few days later. After the house is mostly cleared return to the documents to thoroughly review and shred anything being tossed, if you decide to store the documents get waterproof file boxes and store near the front of your storage unit.


No matter how prepared you are the difficulty of packing a loved ones stuff into boxes will always come in as one of the most stressful experience we will endure. Remember to give yourself time and mentally prepare for the memories that come with packing up. Each journey of grief is different and storing your loved ones stuff might give you the time to prepare to meticulously go through the items. Sometimes you have only a few days to clean out the apartment/house of your relative or friend based on so many different factor, instead of feeling rushed take control and store the items and return to them when you are ready.

The value of the items in the house or apartment may not be much but sometimes the sentimental significates can force us to hold on to things. Try to keep in mind that the memories you have with your loved one will not cease to be if you get rid of some of the junk. Setting up a small area in your home to dedicate to your loved one memory can help you weed out the things you really want to get rid of. Stick to a small corner try and not to expand after you dedicated the space, limiting yourself will help greatly. Don’t feel guilty about donating or throwing things away, if you want to remember an item take a picture and put it in a book if it is large, impractical, or has no use except the value of the memories items can hold. Selling an item is also always an option a lot of times we are left with couches, desks, entertainment centers, and other large items we have not use for but can’t bring ourselves to throw away because of the value of the item. There are several different avenues that you can use to sell or even give away your items if you want to, a quick google search for “sell my stuff” will bring up a few different sites to use. While you are waiting to sell or donate items you can store them in a unit to keep the clutter out of your home, a storage facility is always willing to accommodate your needs so if in a month or two you need a smaller unit our friendly staff at Storage Outlet will help you get a new lease in place. Locations across Southern California Storage Outlet in Bellflower, Gardena, South El Monte, South Gate Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Chino, Pomona, Chula Vista & Escondido.


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